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Common Causes of Septic Tank Damage

There are more pleasant topics to discuss, but we must deal with waste. Many Long Island homeowners rely on septic tanks for their waste removal. A septic tank is a small waste management system buried underground and treats wastewater and sewage. Each time you flush a toilet, shower, wash the dishes or put anything down the drains in your house, the water and waste travel through a collection of pipes to the septic tank. The waste is separated into three sections: solids (sludge) at the bottom, wastewater in the middle, and oils (scum) at the top. Bacteria break down the scum and sludge, and the wastewater drains out of the tank via outlet pipes into the surrounding soil.

However, septic tanks can become damaged over time, affecting their ability to function correctly. Some common causes of septic tank damage include:

  • Lack of maintenance: Regular septic tank pumping and maintenance are essential to keep your system functioning correctly.
  • Age: Older septic systems may be more prone to damage and require repairs or replacement.
  • Excessive water usage: Using excessive water can overload the septic system and lead to damage.
  • Improper installation: Poor installation practices can cause issues with the septic system and may require repair.
  • Plant and tree root infiltration: Roots from nearby plants and trees can infiltrate the septic system, causing blockages and damage.
  • Disposal of non-biodegradable waste: Flushing non-biodegradable waste, such as paper towels and sanitary wipes, can damage the system.
  • Shifting soil: Changes in the soil around the septic tank can cause going, leading to cracks and damage.
  • External damage: Driving or parking vehicles on top of the tank, installing structures over the tank, or using landscaping equipment that can puncture the tank can cause external damage.
  • Disposal of harsh, corrosive chemicals: Flushing corrosive chemicals down the drains can damage the septic system over time.

Signs You Need to Contact a Septic Tank Repair Professional

A damaged septic tank is more than just a nuisance; it can cause costly damages and pose serious health hazards. That’s why contacting a septic tank repair professional is crucial at the first sign of trouble. So if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, don’t delay; get EZ Cesspool, Long Island’s trusted septic tank repair company, immediately!


  • Slow drains: If your gutters are slow to empty or water is backing up, it could indicate a problem with your septic system.
  • Gurgling sounds: Unusual gurgling sounds coming from your drains or toilets may suggest a blockage or damage in the septic system.
  • Sewage and wastewater backups: Backups of sewage or wastewater into your home indicate a septic system issue.
  • Pooling water or soggy ground near the drain field: Excessive moisture or pooling water around the drain can indicate septic tank problems.
  • Unusual green grass near the drain field: Abnormally lush or green grass above the drain field may indicate a leak or overflow from the septic system.
  • Foul, rotten egg smell inside and outside your home: A strong, unpleasant odor may indicate a septic tank issue, such as a broken pipe or a malfunctioning system.

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EZ Cesspool is a full-service Long Island septic tank repair and maintenance company. For years, Suffolk County residents have relied on us for their septic tank repair needs. As a family-owned and locally-operated company, we are committed to providing fast response times, affordable prices, and top-quality results. We understand septic tank issues require immediate attention, so we offer 24/7 emergency services. Call us anytime, day or night, and our professionally trained, fully licensed, and insured technicians will arrive promptly with all the necessary tools and equipment to detect and correct the underlying issue.


EZ Cesspool proudly serves residential and commercial properties, and we have resolved septic tank issues for numerous satisfied clients throughout Suffolk County. We look forward to servicing your needs as well. When our team of experts is on the job, you can feel confident knowing that your septic system will be flowing smoothly again in no time.

What our clients say

James Ashland
James Ashland
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“E-Z Cesspool saved my bathroom and me a lot of money. They came on an emergency call, were priced right, and did a very professional job. Walter walked me through the entire process and I could not be happier. Thanks again. ”
Brian Kacerow
Brian Kacerow
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"Walter and John are awesome! Totally nice guys, do great work, dependable, and respond to emergencies in minutes not hours or days."
Maria Concrete
Maria Concrete
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"I used EZ Cesspool initially to pump my cesspool & then at a later date to install a new system and the service & qualiy was amazing !! From start to finish it was an amazing experience !!!!!"
Timothy Rizzo
Timothy Rizzo
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"Quick response, extremely knowledgeable and professional. Definitely the people you want to call."


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