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EZ Cesspool Sewer & Drain provide expert Cesspool Repair Service including installation of new septic system. We can easily assist you along with your cesspool structure fixture or setup a completely new structure. We can even layout a structure to fit your needs! Using our pointers and filling up service, we could assist you in making sure that solution hangs around a life time.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our cesspool repair service or septic system maintenance, please feel free to contact EZ Cesspool.

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What causes septic systems to fail?

Typically, a high volume of activity or neglected septic maintenance will be the primary cause of septic system failure. That is why routine maintenance is so critical to preserving the health and functioning of cesspools and septic systems at large.

What exactly is a cesspool and how does the septic system work?

The cesspool systems that service our homes and businesses play a fundamental role in accumulating waste in a healthy, functional manner. A tank exists inside the septic system, which works habitually in breaking down toxic solids and transmitting the liquids to a dispersal field. At this stage, a number of environmental factors must be operating with fluidity, in order for the cesspool to function. There must be enough soil, a low-density system, and enough distance between the dispersal field and the water table. A healthy septic system will be fully capable of reducing more than 90% of the Nitrogen from the pollutants inside the system. If the septic system is failing, only 10-40% of the Nitrogen will be reduced from the pollutants in the system. For failing cesspools, this essentially means that pollutants are being readily released into the atmosphere. Further, the groundwater possesses increasing levels of chemicals, which might very well contaminate the ground and/or surface water that we inhabit. If you are in need of cesspool repairs please contact us.

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