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Septic Emergencies: How to Avoid Them

EZ Cesspool, one of the top Long Island cesspool companies is here whenever you need us. Believe it or not, it is common for a cesspool, septic tank, or drainage emergency to happen in the home. That’s why we make ourselves available for you whenever something unexpected pops up. Let’s dig a little deeper into what makes something a septic emergency.

Toilets are Backing Up

So you’ve got a little clog in the shower. No big deal, right? Well it might be a more serious issue if more than one of your plumbing fixtures is acting up. Check out your toilet and bathtub. If they are all making a loud gurgling noise as they back up with water, it means that you probably have a main sewer line clog. If water gurgles up when you flush your toilet, or run your faucets, that means the water is trying to leave, but something is blocking it from doing so. If you can’t seem to plunge it out yourself, EZ Cesspool will be happy to help you with some routine cesspool pumping or cesspool maintenance anytime!

Your Backyard Feels a Little Mushy

Have you noticed that as you walk around your backyard that the grass around your septic tank is unusually green? Does the ground feel very mushy under your feet? Maybe the grass feels really soggy too. If you’ve noticed these indicators, you may have a septic emergency. We perform routine septic tank cleanings, and the time to call is now. You don’t want this problem to get any worse. If it does, you may need a whole new cesspool installation.

Foul Odors in Your Yard

Your backyard should smell as fresh as a rose garden. But what if it doesn’t? Have you noticed a distinct odor out in the yard? It’s most likely a pretty unpleasant one. What about inside the house? The same, nasty aroma seems to be everywhere. The smell could very well be wastewater, which is another sign of a septic emergency. You don’t want your house smelling that way, so it’d be a good idea to call us as soon as possible.


The Grass Being Greener Isn’t Always a Good Thing!

Have you noticed that the color of your grass is becoming a bit greener in certain patches? A rapid shift in your lawn’s color could be the fault of a damaged septic tank. This could be the case if your lawn is looking healthy in one area, and rather damaged in another. If there is a random patch of grass that is suddenly greener than normal, it might be receiving extra fertilization from a faulty septic tank. If you are noticing an uneven appearance of your yard’s color, you may want to contact a pro immediately.

The most important thing to remember is not to panic if you have a septic tank emergency. Nothing is beyond fixing, especially with EZ Cesspool. We are here to keep your cesspool and septic tank flowing smoothly for the safety of your home and loved ones. Whether you need major septic system repair or routine cesspool maintenance, EZ Cesspool is here for you!