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Septic Tank Safety: What Cleaning Products Are Considered Harmful?

Your Long Island cesspool and septic tank should always be in proper working order. It is very important that you practice basic cesspool maintenance. The septic tank especially needs to be taken care of properly. The wastewater from your home needs to flow into your septic tank easily. Although septic tanks can withstand a lot of chemical corrosion, not everything that gets mixed into it is a safe bet. It is truly important to know how chemicals affect your septic tank. Everyday household products ultimately make their way into the septic tank. If they are not considered safe, their presence might cause a septic emergency.

How Badly Do Chemicals Harm Septic Tanks?


Chemicals that reach your septic tank can cause a lot of unnecessary damage. Septic system repair can be very expensive. In order to avoid that kind of expense, you should be mindful of what reaches your septic tank. Did you know that a septic tank contains over 100 chemical pollutants? In fact, many of these chemicals come from household cleaning products that are not disposed of correctly. Certain products that contain harmful toxins that will definitely harm the septic system. Therefore, harmful chemicals should not be poured down the drain in large doses. They should also never be flushed down your toilet! Doing this will contaminate the beneficial bacteria that breaks down the wastewater in your septic tank. If you do harm your septic tank, you may be in for some costly cesspool pumping or new cesspool installation.

What Types of Products Should be Avoided?

The average household contains approximately 3 to 5 gallons of cleaning products that are harmful to a person’s health. If these kinds of products reach the septic tank, you may have some serious issues to address. For this reason, use every cleaning product until the bottles are empty. Or, you may safely discard them at a waste management facility.  There are definitely environmentally friendly ways to dispose of them, but the main thing is to avoid harmful products altogether. Some of the more dangerous products that you should avoid using include:


  • Fuels
  • Motor oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Solvent-based lubricants
  • Pesticides
  • Lawn care products


If you want to save money on costly cesspool repair services, then you should avoid discarding these types of items down your drain. EZ Cesspool wants you to have a healthy running septic tank!


What Is Septic Tank Safe?


Some products are in fact safe to pour down the drain of your kitchen sink. Ammonia, bleach, and laundry detergents don’t usually threaten a septic tank’s performance. These products become diluted when they finally reach the tank. Disinfectants, bathroom cleaners, and pine cleaners are other good examples of cleaners that are “septic tank safe”. Why is this? These cleaners often contain ammonium compounds like alkyl dimethyl or benzyl ammonium chloride.  Products like these are safe for septic tanks and groundwater. Before disposal, you should obviously read the directions on the label.

EZ Cesspool, one of the best Cesspool services on Long Island, cares about the safety of your home and your loved ones. By following the above advice, you could not only save a lot of money on septic tank and cesspool repairs, but you can keep your home environmentally friendly! If you have any questions about cleaning products and septic tanks, feel free to contact us anytime!